Hope Alert Church Screening License

Hope Alert Church Screening License


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Let the Hope Alert app revolutionize the way you share the Gospel!

This specially edited version of our short film Hope Alert (end credits removed for brevity) is made available for public screenings at churches for such use as sermon illustrations, etc.  By purchasing this public screen license and digital video file, you agree to the terms of the End User License in the Description box below.

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Purchase of this product includes:

  • A download of an .mp4 digital video file (197 MB) of the short film Hope Alert.
  • License for use of the file for public screenings.

End User License Agreement

  • This video can only be used at one locale.
  • Video cannot be shared with other organizations.
  • User cannot have more than two copies of the same video file, one for ongoing usage and the other for archival purposes.
  • User understands that the download of this video includes public performance licensing only, and may not be used, in whole or in part, as radio, television, cable, print, or internet content without the express written permission of Standing Sun Productions, LLC.
  • User may not resell, giveaway, reproduce or redistribute in any way products received from this download.

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