Jesus is Here! by Charles M. Sheldon. Audio book read by Zack Lawrence.

Standing Sun Productions will be releasing an audio book of Charles M. Sheldon's novel JESUS IS HERE!, the sequel to his acclaimed story IN HIS STEPS.

The cast of the In His Steps movie reunite 10 years after its release to reminisce about the making of the film, answer audience questions,...

The series premiere of Standing Sun Productions' newest docuseries, What Are Christians? will be released online on June 7, 2022.

The trailer for our upcoming series "What Are Christians? Seeing Christianity Through the World's Eyes" has arrived!

The Storyteller comes out of retirement to share his thoughts about Vindication Season 2!

Alone in the Fog: A Short Film by Standing Sun Productions

A girl with depression struggles with reaching out to those who could possibly help her.

Our final short film of 2020 is here! Enjoy this suspenseful tale!

Reflections of Thankfulness - A Short Film by Standing Sun Productions

As seasons change and life moves on, remember to always be thankful.

We're pleased to present this month's short film, Hope Alert! Let the Hope Alert app revolutionize the way you share the Gospel!

We are now accepting interview submissions for our upcoming documentary project!

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